Why This Futuristic Flip Phone Should Be Top Of Your Holiday Shopping List

Whether it’s a gift for your most stylish sister, or a special treat for yourself, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G is a strong contender for most coveted gift of the season. This enhanced 5G version of the popular Galaxy Z Flip model made its Canadian debut in August and, since then, it’s drawn rave reviews for its quality craftsmanship, lighting-fast processing speed, and of course, the proprietary folding screen design that seems like it came straight from the future.
Intrigued? Here are a few more reasons why the Galaxy Z Flip 5G makes for such a stellar stocking stuffer.
It’s got some revolutionary tech.
Who knew a flip phone be this cutting edge? The Galaxy Z Flip 5G is a powerful device that comes equipped with a flexible, foldable, ultra-thin, 6.7-inch glass screen[1]. And not only does the screen fold (how cool is that?), but it also offers premium display performance. Its Dynamic AMOLED display makes your favourite streaming platforms a cinematic experience, and its reduced blue light[2] will be easy on your eyes when you’re glued to your friend’s 57-part Instagram story series on her new puppy.
In terms of processing power, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G packs a HyperFast Snapdragon processor and 5G connectivity[3] which means super-fast uploading and downloading of photos, videos, and files (extra useful these days, since so many of us are using our phones to work remotely). Plus, when you’re video calling with your nephews on Christmas morning, it’ll help you see every detail of their adorable little faces with minimal lag.
It’s incredibly eye-catching.
For such a compact device, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G commands attention from the jump. The Galaxy Z Flip 5G dares to be different with its folded shape and a timeless colour palette. Opt for either of the striking “Mystic Bronze” or “Mystic Grey” finishes when you order - after all, it’s 2020. Isn’t it time to retire the basic black?
It’s hiding a spacious screen in that tiny package.
Whether you’re taking it to snap photos on your morning jog or stay connected while running errands, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G’s compact size (literally - about the size of a small makeup compact) makes it easy to slip into fanny packs, pockets, and clutches alike.
When folded, the phone is petite (about the length of a credit card). But despite it’s compact form factor, Galaxy Z Flip 5G keeps you connected - even when closed - thanks to external Cover Screen notifications that help you stay on top of what’s important. Also, don’t be deceived by its small appearance—when you flip the Galaxy Z Flip 5G open, you’ll be treated to a spacious 6.7-inch screen display[4]. It’ll let you watch the latest binge-worthy episode of your favourite show like it’s meant to be seen, and the full screen display with minimal bezels gives you plenty of real-estate for multitasking between your favourite apps, like scrolling through your Gallery and while editing in Instagram[5].
The hinge will revolutionize your camera game.
Yep, we’re actually talking about a hinge here. But the Galaxy Z Flip 5G’s state-of-the-art hinge design lets it lock at a variety of angles so you can always find your best light when taking selfies. If you set it to stand at 90-degrees[6], it’ll let you go hands-free thanks to Flex mode[7] —perfect for an extended selfie session, capturing an evening sunset with hyperlapse, or settling into the couch for a catch up video call with your parents.
It lets you share your phone’s power wirelessly.
Want to win the award for roommate of the year? Use your Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Wireless Power Share to give their Qi compatible phone a power boost when they’ve lost their charger for the 47th time and desperately need to live tweet the latest holiday romcom. Galaxy Z Flip 5G also provides the power needed to go about your day: it boasts a 3,300mAh (typical) dual battery, which will last all day on a single charge with standard use[8].
It’s compatible with other Galaxy offerings.
Like cranberry sauce and stuffing, or tobogganing and a fresh snowfall, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G makes for a super combination when used with Samsung ecosystem of products like the Galaxy Watch3 smartwatch, the wireless Galaxy Buds Live earbuds, and the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+[9]. Pick up the whole set, and you’ll be able to synchronize your personal communications, workflow, wellness goals, and entertainment in a total package.
Ready to snag your own Galaxy Z Flip 5G or gift one to that fashionable tech junkie in your life?
You can purchase it online at samsung.com. $2,019.99, with 0% interest financing on approved credit available[10].

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