There Are So Many Great Movies & TV Shows Coming To Netflix Canada This March

Photo Courtesy of Colleen Hayes/NETFLIX.
March Madness is (almost) upon us. Beginning on the 18, for the next month or so, all my basketball-loving friends will be glued to the NCAA tournament updates. As someone who is still learning terms like alley-oops and layups (don't judge!) and has to catch up on the names of the Raptors every season, I don't quite get the fuss. I do, however, understand what it's like to be excited about a winning lineup — except my lineup of choice is Netflix Canada's March slate of new movies and TV.
A lot of girl power is on offer on the streaming service this month, with subject matter veering from celebrating teen spirit (Amy Poehler's Moxie) to badass female athletes. There are also some guilty pleasures and some deep dives into human drama on my list of monthly must-sees. Here's what to watch on Netflix Canada this March in between games or if you're just not that into basketball.

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