P.S. I Love You Is Getting A Sequel & Our Hearts Can’t Take It

Photo: Jonathan Hession/Warner Bros/Kobal/Shutterstock.
Good romance movies will either break your heart or inspire you to believe in love again — the very best ones will do a little bit of both. Case in point, P.S. I Love You. When the romantic drama premiered in 2007, hopeless romantics around the world walked around in a teary-eyed daze for weeks. But just as we were finally getting over our devastation at the film's heartbreaking premise, the minds behind the movie are gearing up to crush us one more time.
In the original film adapted from Cecelia Ahern's novel of the same name, a widow named Holly (Hilary Swank) begins receiving scheduled messages from her late husband Gerry (Gerard Butler), helping her find the strength to move on from her grief. From the great beyond, Gerry encourages Holly to discover happiness without him. Cue the ugly crying.
More than a decade after the film's release, Holly and her letters are back to make you cry in Postscript. In the developing movie (based on the 2019 sequel to Ahern's original work) Holly's sister Ciara entreats her to share her touching story with the world on a podcast. As Holly reluctantly opens up about her relationship with Gerry to the public, she discovers that she too can impact the lives of people around her.
There's no word on whether Swank, Butler, or anyone else from the original cast will return for the project, but it's hard to imagine this emotional love story taking on the same meaning without them. P.S. I Love You made its already successful Hollywood leads the face of the genre, raising the bar for love stories.
The sequel creates opportunities for new storylines — and sweet new love. The plot of Postscript is said to take place seven years after Gerry's death, which means that Holly will likely be in a totally different state of mind. Our leading lady might finally be getting a new love story after all.

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