Watch Beanie Feldstein In First Trailer For Caitlin Moran’s How To Build A Girl

Photo: Courtesy of IFC Films.
With a movie like How To Build A Girl coming to video on demand, why would we ever want to leave quarantine? The trailer for the film based on Caitlin Moran's novel of the same name dropped on Wednesday courtesy of IFC films, starring a redheaded Beanie Feldstein as the young Johana Morrigan from 1993 Wolverhampton, U.K. Desperate to escape her cramped and lowly beginnings, Johana reinvents herself in pursuit of a job at music magazine, entering into a world totally out of her depth.
The novel itself pulls many details from Moran's own life, and she and Feldstein make quite the dream team.
"It was only after we got Beanie Feldstein that we realised how fucked we would have been if we didn’t have Beanie Feldstein," Moran wrote in an essay for Refinery29 about making the film, adding "Who else could play a fat, clever, funny, working-class girl who becomes a music journalist at 16 (!!), runs around 1990s London setting it on fire, and then realises  — while at a hot-tub party — that everyone in the music industry is a shallow, vexatious penis, and so flamboyantly cusses everyone out, while wearing a bikini made out of a trash bag? And while still being impossibly charismatic and loveable? There just isn’t anyone else."
"Johana Morrigan is dead, this is the legendary Dolly Wilde," Feldstein says in the trailer in her newly-minted accent. Having transformed her stringy brown hair and baggy sweaters into bright-red curls and a black top hat, the teen is ready to embark on a life-changing journey to pursue the career she's always dreamed of — with a side of Alfie Allen. The Game Of Thrones actor plays her first interview and love interest in the film, and becomes her companion in this brand new world.
"What do you do when you build yourself only to realise you built yourself with the wrong things," she muses as the rock n' roll life she finally achieved begins to crumble around her.
How To Build A Girl lands on VOD May 8.

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