What Is Going On With Doja Cat & Nicki Minaj’s Fans?

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Feuds are an inevitable part of the rap game. They’re almost as old as the genre itself. But most modern rap beefs aren’t always as deep as the regional enmity between the late greats Tupac and Biggie or the genuine bad blood between Drake and Pusha T. Sometimes, all it takes is some shit-stirring from fans to spark a rivalry.
Nicki Minaj is currently the most popular female rap artist in the music right now, and her fans, the Barbz, are notoriously protective over her. So protective, in fact, that they never hesitate to go into defence mode if they feel that she’s being disrespected — even if that’s not exactly the story. Case in point, the Barbz’ attempt to cancel fellow rapper Doja Cat over a Twitter exchange.
Talented artist Felix (@FELIXDMARAJ) logged onto Twitter to show off his latest drawing, a mock-up of a Rolling Stones cover featuring Doja, Minaj, and Megan Thee Stallion in matching bedazzled outfits and flaming red wigs. “I came up with this idea bcs they’re currently the female rappers shaping rap music!!” the rap fan captioned the art. “Hope y’all like it!!”
The photo was shared almost 4,000 times, with fans of all three of the women praising Felix for his art skills. Doja saw the picture as well and quote-tweeted it, calling it “fire.” 
Unfortunately, only bad vibes ensued from there. Another fan stated that he would have loved to see Doja standing in the centre, to the dismay of Minaj’s fandom. When pressed to answer why he’d want to see the rappers switch positions (“Cuz she's my fav out of the 3”), the “Say So” rapper inserted herself into the conversation.
”Stop responding to them,” Doja tweeted him about the negativity from Barbz. “they’re twitter gangsters and they have nothing kind to say about you or anyone.”
“they live and breathe being fuckin immature,” she continued. "theyre literally scum they mean nothing. dont explain yourself."
Her response swiftly raised the ire of the Minaj fandom, who considered her broad sweeping judgments a personal attack on them — and their fave. Doja has admitted to being inspired by Minaj, and her cadence is very similar to that of the veteran rapper. The Barbz decided to support her career as a result, so they were infuriated by her insults. Naturally, #DojaCatIsOverParty began trending on Twitter.
But Doja's fans were quick to defend the rapper, pointing out that the Barbz were exhibiting the toxic behaviour that she had talked about. Also, they said there was no bad blood between the artists themselves, so why were the Barbz trying to create something out of nothing?
Doja has yet to address the trending hashtag (she's busy making dance challenges on Tiktok) and neither has Minaj. Fingers crossed that it stays that way — women in rap are getting along swimmingly these days, and I, for one, would love to see a collaboration between these two. Good vibes, people. Please.

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