What Does The Order Finale’s Lilith Twist Mean For Season 3?

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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for The Order season 2 finale, “New World Order, Part 2.” 
The Order season 2 ends with a jaw-dropper: Alyssa Drake (Sarah Grey) is dead. With the catastrophe of magical eruptions finally quelled, Gabrielle Dupres (Louriza Tronco) — now a werewolf sporting Midnight’s hide — wolfs outs and murders Alyssa in Order headquarters. To make matters worse, Alyssa dies while holding onto the magic of the Order’s Grand Magus, Vera Stone (Katharine Isabelle). It appears Vera will be permanently powerless. 
With all the death and destruction of “New World Order, Part 2,” it’s easy to miss the plotline that may influence a prospective Order season 3 even more than Alyssa’s death: the return of Lilith (Devery Jacobs) from the demon realm. In forth episode “Fear Itself, Part 2,” Lilith tumbled into the transdimensional plane while fighting the demon Rogwan. After six episodes, she is back in our world. 
But, Lilith’s single scene in “New World Order” hints the beloved Knight of St. Christopher werewolf will be the big bad in the next season of the Order saga. Because Lilith is demon.
Towards the end of the finale, Order protagonist Jack Morton (Jake Manley) and his friends complete a spell from The Sworn Book of Honorius, which details how to bring someone back from the demon realm. To make the spell work, Jack’s friend Randall Carpio (Adam DiMarco), who has romantic feelings for Lilith, murders the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose’s councillor, Kepler (Françoise Yip). As Lilith’s other love interest Nicole Birch (Anesha Bailey) says in “New World Order,” you need to give a magical life to get one back. Randall then drops into the demon realm to find Lilith once the spell starts working. 
Lilith doesn’t appreciate the group’s sacrifice. 
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Devery Jacobs and Anesha Bailey as Lilith and Nicole.
Once Lilith is back on the human plane, Nicole tells Lilith how hard her friends worked to bring her “home.” “Home?” Lilith responds. “This isn’t my home. You took me from my home.” As the camera swings around, we get a clearer understanding of what Lilith is talking about. Demonic symbols are burned into Lilith’s face. Viewers have seen similar symbols throughout The Order season 2. Rogwan sported them in “New World Order,” as did the soldier demons Randall complains about in the finale. It is worth noting Lilith’s symbols are in the same place as Rogwan’s — above her left eyebrow and directly below her eye — although the actual characters are different. 
It seems Lilith has become a demon during her six episode sojourn to the demon realm (keeping with Netflix's trend in relation to her name). After all, we have no idea how time works in the separate realm — it’s possible Lilith was in that dimension for years, if not decades.
While Lilith’s hellish twist is a bombshell, it’s not exactly a surprise. The Order placed a hint that bloodthirsty Lilith would acclimate to the demon realm a little too easily all the way back in “Fear Itself,” right after her disappearance. During that episode, Jack begins to ask Vera if there is any way to retrieve Lilith. Vera tries to caution Jack away from such a deadly mission, adding, “I couldn’t think of anyone better suited to survive the demon realm than Lilith.” 
Apparently, Lilith didn’t merely survive, she thrived. That is why Lilith tells Nicole in her last line of the season, “You need to send me back [to the demon realm].” 
It is unlikely that the Knights of St. Christopher — or the Order — will be amenable to Lilith's demands. First there is the matter of just how much effort they expended to save her — no one would want to undo that so quickly. Then there is the fact that the Knights and the Order just stopped a magical eruptions problem in the finale. There is no way either group would be interested in toying around with dangerous magical portals once again. 
Expect to see demon Lilith remain trapped in the human realm come a possible The Order season 3. She won’t be happy about it — and when demons aren't happy, bodies tend to start piling up.
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