Jessie Ware Just Called Out Sexism In The Workplace Impeccably

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If you've ever heard Jessie Ware's fantastic podcast Table Manners, which she co-hosts with her mum Lenny, you'll know she always tells it like it is.
So it's not too surprising that the singer-songwriter, who's preparing to release her fourth album What's Your Pleasure? in June, has spoken candidly about the pressures of navigating the music industry as a woman in her mid-thirties.
"I definitely think there's more of a shelf life for women," she told Glamour. "I don't want to sound negative because actually I'm able to make the music I want to make, but I'm madly thought of as relatively old and I'm 35!”
She then highlighted another sexist double industry faced by female performers, saying: "They don't ask men how they're going to tour with their children, do they?"
She joins fellow performers including Charli XCX and Lady Gaga in highlighting the sexism that still infects the music industry today.
Ware also shared a story that women working in all kinds of industries who've faced sexism at work will find all too familiar.
"I once got told that I was being really emotional [in a meeting], and I was being really not-emotional, and I wonder whether they would have said that to a bloke," she said. "I didn't rise to it, and I was very calm. But you know, it happens."
Ware married husband Sam in 2014 and the couple now have two young children. Asked how she deals with the pressures of being a working mother, she replied: “I don't know if I have loosened up enough. I'm the provider.
"Actually, I'm more than that," she continued. "I am the breadwinner and I'm proud to be the breadwinner, and my husband is accepting and supportive of that, and he's the most incredible father. There are no egos there and he knows how motivated I am."

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