Huma Abedin Pretty Much Nailed Our Inauguration Weekend Aesthetic

Picking our outfits for Inauguration Day felt way different than getting dressed to vote on November 8 did. Depending on how you're taking it all in, you may think it's more urgent to flaunt your "Nasty Woman" merch now than it was before or, on the flip side, that your Election Day pantsuit must be un-cursed. Regardless, even those attending the events in Washington, D.C. used their wardrobe to send a message. But no Inauguration attendee captured our mood more accurately than Huma Abedin — and she did so with her outfit.
Photo: JOHN ANGELILLO/AFP/Getty Images.
The longtime Clinton aide arrived on Capitol Hill in an ensemble that, whether intentionally or not, said: Not today. For starters, there's the unimpeachably chic head-to-toe black, which is Fashion 101 for "I'm not messing around." (It's also considered mourning attire, which many on social media picked up on because...well, you know.)
Then, there's the exact breakdown of the silhouettes: Abedin's monochromatic look consisted of businesswear staples like a sleeveless midi dress, tights, pointed-toe heels, and a top-handle bag. The pièce de résistance, though, was a pair of oversized sunglasses — the epitome of a please-don't-talk-to-me power accessory. Regardless of the occasion, this is simply a good outfit. However, on this particular day, to this look, we say: same, Huma. Although, tomorrow, we wear pink.

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