You Definitely Should Already Know Who Cuchillos Is In On My Block

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Fans eager for answers about who kidnapped the kids on On My Block didn't have to wait long, because the season 3 trailer revealed that it was Cuchillos, the leader of the Santos gang. Her throne is made of wicker, her minions mean business, she has a new mission for the Freeridge teens: find Lil Ricky. But you may have one question when she first appears on screen: Are we supposed to know who she is? In a word, yes, but in case you were distracted by the RollerWorld money, here's why this lady is so important, and potentially terrifying. Fun fact: "Cuchillos" means "knives" in Spanish, and hers? They're out.
Let's start with the basics: Alongside Spooky (Julio Macias), Cesar's (Diego Tinoco) older brother, Cuchillos (Ada Luz Ola) runs the Santos gang in the neighborhood. We learn early on in season 3 that she was Lil Ricky's girlfriend, which is why she is so concerned with getting him back. She's also thankful to Spooky and the four kids for effectively ridding the neighborhood of the Prophet$ gang.
But if you were also scratching your head when her name was first uttered in a way that screams, You know, that character you totally remember, it's okay if you were confused. She wasn't really mentioned in season 1, and she's noted just briefly season 2. That's because Spooky's running things on the ground, so to speak, and Cuchillos has not really had to reveal herself to the teens that took down the Prophet$ until now. She's the final boss, to borrow some video game-speak.
Cuchillos takes a liking to Monse (Sierra Capri), and it's not difficult to see why. She's a woman leading a gang of men, and must see some of herself in Monse. She knows that Cesar, Ruby (Jason Genao), and Jamal (Brett Gray) won't be able to find Lil Ricky without Monse's leadership. Unfortunately, that means Monse isn't able to move on from her childhood friends and their wacky adventures like she planned at the end of season 2.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
However, don't be fooled by Cuchillos' boss bitch attitude — she's not exactly a great role model. She's very dangerous, threatens Ruby's family, and considers all four of those teens to be loose ends in the whole RollerWorld heist situation. Just because they're working for her and the Santos gang doesn't mean that they're safe. Quite the opposite, actually. If they screw up, they're screwed.
At least Jamal is thrilled by the prospect of another mystery to solve. Nothing's ever going to get him down, no matter how high the stakes are. Cuchillos is the ticking clock breathing down their necks in On The Block season 3, but as you'll see, by season's end, at least one of the group is up to the challenge.
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