White Claw Just Dropped Two New Flavors In Time For Summer

Low-alcohol beverages started to gain popularity back in 2018, and since then, terms like sober-curious and Cali sober have become part of many party-goers' everyday vocabularies. This less-boozy lifestyle that many millennials and Gen Z-ers are opting for helped make spiked seltzer one of the trendiest cocktails of the moment. Now, White Claw, one of the most beloved hard seltzer brands around, is doubling down on its low-alcohol offering by introducing White Claw 70, which contains 3.7% alcohol by volume.
For reference, the original White Claw has an alcohol content of 5% by volume, and the alcohol contents of most other hard seltzer brands are between 4% and 6%. Some quick math shows that White Claw 70 is delivering 1.3% less ABV than its original counterpart and as much as 2.3% less than some competitors. This new low ABV innovation will be ideal for summer day-drinking sessions and anyone who's dipping their toes into the sober curious movement.
The introduction of White Claw 70 is a direct response to a global trend towards low- and no-alcohol by volume, according to a White Claw spokesperson. The company cited market research data from IWSR that shows this trend is expected to grow 32.1% by 2022. Despite this, even those who don't pay close attention to how much alcohol is in every can of their favorite cocktail will be excited by the release of White Claw 70 because the new lower-alcohol drink comes in two new flavors, pineapple and clementine. These flavors join the brand's lineup just two months after White Claw announced the introduction of lemon, watermelon, and tangerine in March.
Like the original White Claw, White Claw 70 is made from a blend of the brand's gluten-free alcohol base, seltzer water, and a hint of fruit flavor. Starting today, the new drink is available in single-flavor 6-packs at participating retailers nationwide. We're curious to see how clementine compares to the already-popular tangerine flavor. And, you know we'll be ushering in summer with the tropical vibes that the pineapple flavor has to offer. Maybe we'll even use it as the base for a piña colada White Claw slushie and go viral on TikTok.

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