Make Her Wish Come Trueeee & Cast Mariah Carey In The New Mean Girls Movie

Photo: Amy Sussman/FilmMagic.
Mariah Carey isn't a regular mom: She's a cool mom. The pop diva and Mean Girls superfan appeared on Billboard's "Quizzed" video series to answer questions about the film from none other than the movie's screenwriter and star Tina Fey, and in the process, may have landed herself a role in the new upcoming adaptation.
Carey, sporting a necklace that she says is "'M' version of the 'R' that Regina and the 'C' that Cady have" (she's committed, folks!), was quizzed by Fey about the 2004 hit comedy. Apparently, the singer has seen the film a few times. Reader: she got a perfect score.
When the movie was first released, I watched it literally every night," Carey admitted. "And then recently my daughter — who's technically too young — [became] obsessed with it."
When Fey asked Carey what song The Plastics (aka the mean girls of Mean Girls) sing at the school talent show, the singer expressed her disappointment that they didn't dance along to her song, "All I Want for Christmas Is You," instead of "Jingle Bell Rock."
"We're gonna make another movie of it, so if you want to license us that song for the movie and also be in the movie, just say nothing now and we'll consider it legally binding," joked Fey, who is producing and writing the script for the forthcoming movie-musical version of the original movie (yes, it's confusing). "Just laugh and it'll be legally binding."
"I definitely want to be in it as well!" said the Grammy-winner. "Maybe I can be friends with [Mean Girls actress] Amy Poehler as, like, her other friend that wears sweatsuits."
We don't want to totally get our hopes up, but adding Mariah Carey to the Mean Girls universe would be, as Gretchen Wieners would say, "so fetch."

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