Away Is Going Away

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The Netflix chopping block is always hot, and as a result, new original series (and even some old favorites) on the streaming platform are often under the threat of cancellation. Hilary Swank's science fiction drama Away just joined the ranks of fallen television shows, wrapping up after just one season on Netflix.
Variety reports that Away was not green lit for a second season after its September premiere, which might not be super surprising if you've been paying attention to Netflix news as of late — the platform is cleaning up shop. The space drama is just the latest show to be axed. In addition to Away, Netflix has also chosen not to renew GLOW, I Am Not Okay with This, and Money Heist to much fan outcry.
Away followed the emotional expedition of a group of scientists on the first human mission to Mars. Led by Captain Emma Green (Swank), the team's preparation to space is particularly stressful; Mars' surface is known to be an incredibly hostile environment, and space travel can be so precarious that a safe trip home isn't guaranteed. On top of those concerns, Captain Green must face the reality that she'll be more than 50 million miles away from her family and will inevitably miss out on some big moments with them.
Fortunately, all's well that ends well for the captain and her crew, at least where their space journey is concerned. There are no fatalities during the expedition, and every crew member lands on Mars safely. The only problem? We're never going to find out what (or who — extraterrestrials exist, y'all) awaits them on the red planet because that's where the story closes. I guess we'll just have to make up our own ending.

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