The Birth Of Troian Bellisario’s Second Child Sounds Wild, To Say The Least

Photo: Paul Archuleta/WireImage.
The year of Hollywood quarantine babies continues, but Troian Bellisario’s birth story might actually top the list of celebrity labor stories because... she gave birth to her daughter inside of a car.
The Pretty Little Liars actress and her husband Patrick J. Adams (Suits) connected with Scandal star Katie Lowes on a new episode of the Katie’s Crib podcast to talk about the unbelievable circumstances surrounding the birth of their second daughter, Elliot Rowena. Elliot came into the world in May — but instead of being born in a hospital or at home, baby Elliot arrived in the passenger seat of her parents’ car.
The Hollywood couple recalled the vivid details of the eventful day on the podcast, describing a chaotic series of events that led up to Elliot’s birth. Upon realizing that her contractions were getting more intense, Bellisario signaled to her husband that they should make a trip to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Having already went through labor with their oldest daughter Aurora in 2018, the pair was prepared to do things the typical way, but Elliot had other plans.
On the way to the Cedars-Sinai, Bellisario was actually in active labor, and things came to a literal head while parked right in front of the hospital entrance — Adams had to help her deliver their child while the hospital’s security guard watched. Fortunately, things went well with the labor; the frenzied three-minute ordeal led to Elliot’s safe delivery. A month after the experience, her parents are still marveling over the process and have ultimately grown closer because of it. After all, surviving chaos is kind of their thing.
"Patrick and I are really anxious people," mused Bellisario. "But we have had so many moments in our relationship together where it's oddly come down to life and death..."
"We find ourselves in some really intense situations, and then we always get out of them," added Adams.
Things have since calmed down since the epic delivery, but Elliot's parents are hoping that their little girl gets to experience just as much excitement in the years to come.
"Welcome to the funhouse, Ms. Elliot Rowena Adams," Adams captioned a photo showing Elliot's tiny hand wrapped around a finger. "May your life be as unique and exciting as your arrival."

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