This Mother’s Day, Show Your Mom Jeans You Care

Lately, my denim drawer runneth over. And, it's not because I have (what I would consider) too many jeans. It's just that the ones I'm favoring of late tend to be bulkier, more high-waisted, thicker, and, well, more mom-ish.
You know the ones I mean. They're made of stiffer denim that hugs above your hips and cradles your ass in a way that really shows it cares. They can often be found right above a pair of strappy heels and right below a cropped blouse, sitting on a bar stool, or with slip-on loafers, a T-shirt, and blazer in an office chair on a Friday afternoon. Really, though, they can be found in the memory of your fashion mind's eye on everyone from Monica Geller to President Obama. And, most recently, at every store from Reformation to ASOS.
The reason they work? For me, it's all about attitude. They're comfortable and relaxed enough to make you feel like your entire look is nonchalant. At the same time, this lets you "go for it" with the rest of your outfit without going overboard. Or, you know, you can try the boxy-jeans-Birkenstocks-T-shirt vibe and feel secure in your ensemble all the same. In essence, mom jeans feel like Rockports but look like Acne.
Yes, the monicker may come from suburban and middle-American madres in relaxed-fit denim, driving carpool and collaging (nothin' wrong with that!), but I prefer to call them "mom jeans" because they make me feel safe and loved, no matter where I take 'em. So, this Mother's Day, say it with me: "Thanks, mom jeans. I love you, too."