Sophie Turner Told Joe Jonas The Real Story Behind The Game Of Thrones Coffee Cup Mishap

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It's the cup of coffee that never goes cold. Though it's been weeks since Game of Thrones aired an episode featuring a modern-day coffee cup in "The Last of the Starks," the world doesn't seem able (or even remotely willing) to let anyone affiliated with the show off the hook — even if they weren't part of the cast or crew. After reports blaming Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner for the mishap, Hot Ones host Sean Evans decided to point the finger towards someone else during the Complex series' season 9 premiere: Joe Jonas, aka the unofficial King of the North.
"[Fact or fiction]: Joe Jonas was responsible for the errant Starbucks cup that snuck into Westeros in that recent episode of Game of Thrones," Evans said.
Now, if you're unfamiliar with Hot Ones, it works like this: Celebrities agree to come on the show and answer questions while eating increasingly spicy hot wings. If they make it all the way through the challenge, they can promote their upcoming projects (and look like badasses). While many of the stars maintain their cool under the heat, sometimes they'll slip and reveal something major. Unfortunately for us (and to Nick, who said he wished Joe "fucked something up in Game of Thrones"), Jonas didn't crack.
"I wish it was me," he responded. "I asked Sophie, my lady, about that. I was like, 'So, did you guys do that on purpose?' Because I know there was a pickup truck in the last season in one of the fight scenes. In the very back there was, like, a white pickup truck. 'Did you start doing that to mess with the fans?' And she was like, 'No, they are literally so meticulous about everything.'"
Jonas didn't confirm exactly who left the cup on set; instead, he called out HBO.
"But, I kind of wish they just left it in. I guess HBO took it out now," he added. "Maybe there should just be an Easter egg in every scene now."
Despite his connection to Turner, it's best to take whatever the middle Jonas brother says with a grain of salt. For instance, he was totally wrong about the pickup truck fiasco. Yes, fans did circulate gifs and images of a truck on set during season 7, but as Polygon notes, the scene people referenced was actually from a behind-the-scenes video, not from the final episode.
We can't fault him too much for the mishap. Jonas has a lot on his mind with an upcoming wedding in France, the impending release of the Jonas Brothers' new album, a North American tour, and an appearance on All That.
Watch the full Hot Ones interview below:

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