The Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit For Every Type Of Ceremony

Brace yourself, folks: wedding season is coming. While there's no doubting the fun you'll have (open bar, live band, all your loved ones in one room), let's not underestimate the pressure of being a guest at the ceremony. What fills us with dread, though? Figuring out what to wear.
Striking that fine balance between not breaking the bank and avoiding wearing the same get-up as everyone else can be a tricky art to master. It's also 2020: we don't wear outfits once and never again, so finding something that works as well for your best mate's wedding as for that garden party and sun-soaked holiday is essential.
Fear not – we've found the best pieces, from high street to designer, that will solve all of your matrimony miseries. From sunny "I do's" abroad, to the casual city union, click through to see our favourite wedding guest looks.