The King Of Staten Island Cast Is A Blast From Pete Davidson’s Past

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.
Pete Davidson’s new film King Of Staten Island has a lot of This Is Your Life energy. Like that classic TV series that took unsuspecting celebrities on a walk down memory lane with help from friends and family — think a way more heartfelt Punk’d — the cast of King Of Staten Island feels integral to understanding Davidson’s life, which directly inspired the film.
The Judd Apatow-helmed feature looks at Scott Carlin, played by Davidson, who like the Saturday Night Live star, lost his firefighter father when he was young. Now, he’s stuck in a state of arrested development, struggling to grow up and move out of his mother’s house. The characters in King Of Staten Island are all based on people who have been essential to his personal growth like his mother and his longtime comedy idol Bill Burr. Of course, right? But the movie also features people from Davidson’s real life, which makes the cast a fun game of Guess Who?.
For instance, his real grandpa plays Davidson's grandpa here and his sister Casey Davidson makes a quick cameo. Rounding out the cast is Davidson’s rapper bestie, a famous friend’s sister, and an ex girlfriend. (Nope, not that one.) So meet the cast of King Of Staten Island and get to know Davidson a little better. After all, this movie is basically his life.

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