The Work It Cast All Started Dancing Long Before Netflix Came Calling

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
In the new Netflix Original dance movie Work It, a group of people who aren't dancers have to become dancers so that one of them can get into Duke University. Such are the stakes of the dance movie genre. But, because they do have to do a ton of dancing, the cast of Work It, unlike their onscreen counterparts, do have actual dance experience. A couple of them are actors who dance, but the vast majority of cast is made up of dancers who also act.
The film stars actor and singer Sabrina Carpenter (The Hate U Give, Girl Meets World) as Quinn, a straight-A student who convinced someone at Duke admissions that she was also on her school's award-winning dance team, the Thunderbirds. Problem is, she isn't. So, she has to put together her own new dance team, called "TBD," in order to compete in the big Work It competition and prove that she actually is a dancer.
To make it work, the actor playing the lead character needed to be someone who could dance and the supporting roles had to be filled by dancers who could deliver a few lines between awesome dance montages.
Luckily, the cast of Work It all fit that bill. We've got a Dancing with the Stars winner, an Australian dance star, and a whole lot of Canadian pro dancers who came together to make up the movie's dance crew.

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