Malin+Goetz’s New Scalp Mask Brought My Quarantine Hair Back To Life

Not too long ago, we didn't consider the states of our scalps very much unless they were peppered with white flakes. But now, scalp-care has rooted itself as an everyday part of our beauty routines — with way more options and end goals than just the heavy-duty clinical stuff that takes care of dandruff. Scalp stuff, dare we say it, is now chic. Case in point: Malin+Goetz just launched its first-ever scalp mask. "As demand and education [in scalp care] have grown, we saw an opportunity to introduce a more targeted treatment," co-founder Matthew Malin tells Refinery29 of its latest product drop, the Detox Scalp Mask. "We are a skincare-first brand, and we've always taken this approach with hair care," Malin continues. "The scalp lives in the same ecosystem as your face, is subjected to the same environmental factors, and is composed of more sweat and oil glands than anywhere else on your body." Aka, you should be showing your scalp some TLC. Below, I try out the detoxifying treatment on my own head in order to fully suss out all of its targeted benefits (including a scalp selfie that showcases the foaming action IRL).

First Impressions

While this isn't the NYC-based apothecary brand's first foray into hair care, the new scalp mask (which, paired with the minty shampoo and cilantro conditioner is *chef's kiss*) was actually inspired by a bestselling skin-care item: The Detox Face Mask. "We used [a similar] oxygenating technology and gentle exfoliating acids to offer a deep cleanse that removes dead skin cells and balances the scalp's water and lipid levels," explains the co-founder. At first glance, the bottle reads more like your favourite exfoliating treatment than a hair product: glycolic and lactic acids to slough off dead skin; olive and safflower oils to nourish; spearmint leaf and peppermint oils to invigorate. Sounds dreamy, right?

The Experience

Photo: Courtesy of Karina Hoshikawa
Not all of us have the time (read: patience) to wait for a serum to soak for 15 minutes before hopping the shower — which is why I was thrilled that this one only takes five minutes to do its thing. Plus, the bubbly foam (see scalp selfie) is every bit as cooling and refreshing as it sounds. "Like all of our products, it is easy and uncomplicated," says Malin — we love to hear it! After rinsing it in the shower and fast-forwarding to conditioner, I wrapped my damp hair in a towel before letting it fully air-dry. I'd been hitting the dry shampoo a lot in quarantine, so I was impressed that my hair actually felt totally refreshed after using the new treatment. My roots were perked up, product buildup was nixed, and, in general, my hair felt much healthier.

Final Takeaway

At £28, this is in every sense a major upgrade from Head & Shoulders. But if you're serious about your scalp and are looking to invest in a quality product that will provide fast results (clearing away product buildup and providing gentle skin exfoliation), then this pricier product could be your new quick-fix hair MVP. Bonus: it's also a great alternative if you find scrubs to be too harsh for your scalp.
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