The Best Dresses To Waft Around The House In

Photo Courtesy of Kitri.
Just when you were coming to terms with the fact that the summer season was over, September hit us with another heat wave. Though it might not be as severe as the hot July sun, the warmer temperatures still require a suitable wardrobe, especially when it comes to working from home.
When it comes to indoor dressing in warmer weather we recommend something light, loose and suitably comfortable for working at the kitchen table. The answer? A good ol' fashioned house dress. We aren’t talking about restrictive bodices and heavy fabrics but linen, silk and cotton creations that give your body breathing space as temperatures rise.
Whether it's to wear during your working day or during your last few al fresco dinners in the garden, the house dress is here to solve all your comfort conundrums. From Rixo to Arket to Weekday, we’ve gathered the best loose-fitting dresses on the market to help you keep cool and comfy during the last of the summer sun. Click through to find your new frock...