What Disney Princesses Don’t Teach You About Fashion

Perhaps you missed this — or perhaps you didn't — but the Disney movies that enriched our childhood were not always... accurate when it came to certain things. For example, relationships, gender roles, and how pumpkins work all seem to have been a little skewed after passing through the Disney filter. But, as fashion people, the way that clothes and fashion were depicted sort of ruined the real world for us.
Take Cinderella. Instead of placing a rush order for a Reformation dress, she turned to her live-in mice friends, some birds, and a bit of fairy dust to get her dressed for the ball. And let's be honest: Who out there can run around in a ball gown and not break a sweat IRL? Belle, that's who. (But she's not real.) In the spirit of some always-welcome nostalgia, we put together a slideshow of every time we realised that Disney had the whole fashion thing way off. Click through to relate on some pretty magical levels.

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