8 Table Decor Ideas To Pretend You’re In A Restaurant

Photo via @charlottejacklin.
It's no secret that everyone's cooking more than usual under lockdown, with every other Instagram story featuring banana bread, a sourdough starter or a questionable WFH lunch. But nothing can replace walking into your favourite neighbourhood restaurant, tipsy from the local pub, ready to enjoy a slap-up meal cooked for you by someone else. 
During these Unprecedented Times, those of us not working or working from home are spending most of our time indoors, devoting hours to things like decorating, DIY and rearranging bookshelves. With this in mind, allow us to turn your attention to tablescapes (as we've just decided we're calling them); putting a little effort into laying yourself a nice setting can really make a meal – even if it's just for one – feel a bit special.
There's plenty of inspiration on Instagram. Make your starting point Hoste London founder Laura Jackson's account; she's nailed the art of the tablescape and got the hashtag #makeamealofit going.
Let us guide you through some of our favourite looks and, for things you don't already have, where to shop for them online.
It'll almost feel like you're eating out...