3 Recipes That Make Tinned Beans Utterly Delicious

I don't know if it's because of the childhood rhyme about the 'musical fruit' or simply because of their texture but I never found tinned beans a particularly appealing foodstuff. At least that used to be true, until I learned that after a rinse and a drain the tinned bean can be a filling flavour powerhouse, delivering a huge whack of protein at a purse-friendly price point.
Given the right treatment, tinned beans can be utterly moreish and delicious (as well as cost effective), and no one treats them better than the author and photographer behind Wholy Goodness, Jessica Prescott. In her new book Vegan One-Pot Wonders, Jessica uses only one pot to create more efficient, less messy recipes which can even save you money by utilising ingredients already in your kitchen cupboards. With Jessica's guiding hand, you too can turn a tin of beans from something a bit mushy and disappointing into something glorious.

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