These Are The Major Superhero Movies You Can Stream On HBO Max

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HBO's new streaming service HBO Max only just dropped on May 27, but it's already chockfull of a ton of movies and shows in all genres for subscribers to watch. Comic fans in particular will enjoy all the DC movies streaming on HBO Max right now. And these are just what's available today. As other streaming sites do, HBO Max will likely add more films as time goes on. Perhaps Birds of Prey will make an appearance soon.
Disney+ has the Marvel movies and HBO Max has the DC movies because of its partnership with WarnerMedia. That means that all the major DC films of the last decade, plus pretty much every Batman movie since the '80s, is available to watch right now. And future DC films will likely land on HBO Max once they're out of theaters like how Disney+ operates.
HBO Max has a whole tab dedicated just to its DC content, because it's streaming comic-based shows in addition to films. For example, you can watch The CW's new Batwoman show or the Doom Patrol series or five seasons of the early 2000s masterpiece Teen Titans. But for the lowdown on the movies most worth watching, this is the list for you.

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