Every Song From Hulu’s Woke Soundtrack Belongs On Your Next Playlist

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
In Hulu’s new comedy series Woke, cartoonist Keef (Lamorne Morris) hears inanimate objects speak to him after a life-changing experience. Liquor bottles, trash cans, and markers (voiced by comedic legends like Cedric the Entertainer and Eddie Griffin) hilariously convince Keef to use his platform as an artist to address injustices in the world. When Keef interacts with the material items, we know what he is thinking. But when they aren’t on screen, the music on the show also helps us get inside Keef’s head and learn what he is feeling.
Woke’s soundtrack transitions Keef from scene to scene, episode to episode, as he internalizes the growing pressure from his friends Clovis, Gunther, and Ayana (T-Murphy, Blake Anderson, and Sasheer Zamata, respectively) and the new voices in his head to address being Black in America. In the first episode, the Bill Withers’ classic “Lovely Day” plays as Keef trolls through the streets of San Francisco, highlighting his naivety, and abruptly stops when he is assaulted by the police. 
There are a few popular tunes here and there, but the series mostly uses relatively unknown songs (that you’ll quickly want to add to your playlist) during Keef’s journey to becoming more “woke.” Some tracks are drawn out during an intense moment while others are only heard for a few seconds, making it a little difficult to hear how the lyrics relate to Keef. We’ve compiled every song on the show and their lyrics so that you can follow along while watching. 

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