Every Celeb Who Makes A Sly Voice Cameo In Hulu’s Woke

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
About 11 minutes into the first episode of the Hulu series Woke, Keef (Lamorne Morris) hears two strangers talking about him in a store. He soon realizes that the voices are coming from two liquor bottles that only he can hear. It’s the beginning of multiple inanimate objects, including a t-shirt and a marker, trying to convince Keef to use his platform as a cartoonist to discuss political issues while hilariously roasting him.
Most of the comedy in Woke comes from Keef’s conversations with these everyday items and that’s because they are all voiced by talented, funny actors and a few comedy legends. Cedric the Entertainer, one of the Original Kings of Comedy, pops up as a trash can to point out to Keef that hipsters are gentrifying his neighborhood. Even in the form of a bin Cedric the Entertainer can deliver belly laughs and a reality check. 
He’s not the only comedian who makes an unexpected cameo. The eight-episode first season is filled with voiceovers, some items only talk for one scene and others appear for multiple episodes. In case you can’t place the voice of the funny man or woman making you laugh, here’s a list of the voice cast of Woke and which inanimate object they bring to life.

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