Berets Are On A Whole New Level This Time Around

Photo: Courtesy of Lisa Says Gah.
One of the things we can't help but look forward to most about fall style is all the outfit add-ons we can't be bothered with during summer: scarves, gloves, thin coats, thick coats, and, of course, hats. While there's something liberating about the less-is-more approach to getting dressed when it's 80 degrees outside, it's the little outfit-finishers that can really take an outfit to the next level.
This season, berets have taken center stage as the must-have fall-to-winter accessory — just take a look at how popular they've become over the past year. The best part, though, is that berets aren't just limited to classic black. While that certainly is the most versatile, now that they've been trending for a minute, tons of brands are putting their own twist on the beret, from unexpected materials and embellishments to (you guessed it!) lots of logos. So not only will you be able to find a beret for whatever look you choose, but you can also keep updating your hat game well through February.
Ahead, find 18 berets to get your collection going.