The 15 Best Nursing Bras, According To Real Moms

The list of “stuff” needed to keep a baby healthy and comfortable seems to be endless and very specific. Turns out that the process of feeding these brand-new humans is no exception — especially if you’re a mom striving to do it as au naturel as possible. Forget those flimsy lace numbers you were wearing before you got pregnant — not only does your three-times-as-big bosom require undergarments in new sizes, they need the type that’s going to give your newborn constant access to its prime source of nutrition.
If this is you, and you’re in search of a nursing bra like the one we’re describing, you can hit pause. We asked real moms from all over the country one question: What is their favorite bra for breast-feeding, and why? (OK, that’s two.) One thing that we learned from this exercise is that the world of nursing bras is small but devotional — two of our poll-ees actually swore by the exact same one from Amazon. But you’ll find lots of different styles and breast sizes in this roundup — so click on through to see which bras are making life easier for nursing moms. And feel free to chime in if you don’t see your favorite bra listed here — your fellow-moms will thank you.
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