If You Love Comfy Jeans But Detest Jeggings, Let’s Talk

Google’s search results for the origins of leggings yields a definitive year: 1959 (aka the year that reasonably ensued 1958’s invention of Spandex). However, a similar virtual query for the humble beginnings of jeggings leads to a more divisive outcome: slews of articles denouncing its very invention. Often mocked, ridiculed, and met with regular derision, these jean-legging hybrids have been cast to the bottom of fashion food chains — where everyone from The Daily Beast (deeming it “The Trend From Hell”) to Cosmopolitan (detesting its “front pocket fake-out” effect) have taken critical swings.
But jeggings aren’t fated to live on as the snubbed sweatpants of jeans for eternity. They can actually take on multiple forms (and cotton-spandex ratios), lending themselves to styles that are much more digestible for the fashion folk. As comfy-pant enthusiasts, we like to leave no stone unturned (so that you can leave no pant unzipped) — and so we found a few jegging-adjacent jeans that hit the mark ahead.
These styles are stretchy without sacrificing integrity and relaxed without giving away that the effortless aesthetic they achieve really requires no effort. Try them on and find out. You may never take them off.
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