Proof That Find My Friends Is The Most Drama-Riddled Corner Of The iPhone

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
The first thing I did when my now-ex-boyfriend and I broke up was remove his location from my iPhone's Find My app. I knew that if I waited any longer to do it, I'd likely be tempted to check on his location... which would only result in a masochistic cyber-stalking rabbit hole. It was for the best. If you, like me, have all your friends' location information accessible to you at all times on your iPhone, you also know that it's a bit of a fickle dance.
Thanks to Find My, there's no getting past me if you say you're home sick when, in actuality, you lied because you're at a party I wasn't invited to. Which is just to say: Find My Friends is the ideal breeding ground for friend drama. And apparently, I'm not alone in feeling this way. Ahead, cautionary tales of the getting-caught-lying-about-your-whereabouts variety.

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