15 Cute Products To Brighten Up Your Laundry Room

The laundry room — if you're lucky enough to have one — is pretty far down the list when it comes to home improvement projects we want to tackle. It's hard to get excited about this space, since it's where one of the most boring chores happens — and is often the storage place for our dirty clothes, idle socks, and even cat-litter boxes.
But, with a little help from visually pleasing organization solutions and cleaning aids, your laundry room can be a pristine and sleek place that makes doing your washing much more enjoyable. Redecorating it is just a matter of swapping out your essentials for smarter, more design-oriented models. We've rounded up 15 cute buys that will elevate this often-overlooked space. You certainly won't miss those laundromat days anymore.

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