The Most Romantic Airbnbs For A Much-Needed Couples Getaway

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Quarantining with a romantic parter is pretty great sometimes, but it's natural to start feeling a little cooped up at some point. And when that happens, the best antidote is to take a road trip to a romantic Airbnb.
Hitting the open road is a great way to reconnect, even if you're visiting a spot that's only an hour's drive away. And it's the safest way to travel right now. It's just you, your partner, the open road — and at the end of your trip, a cozy little getaway pour deux.
Pack all of the essentials — face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. And keep in mind that wherever you go, you'll want to aim to uphold the CDC's coronavirus restrictions, which currently still recommend measures such as social distancing. Also smart: Keep tabs on a coronavirus-tracking map, and proceed with caution. If cases have been on the uptick your area, or the area you're traveling to, follow local guidances — even if that means opting to stay home and stay indoors for a little longer.
If you can hit the road, though, once you get to your romantic Airbnb, it won't matter whether you default to your usual quarantine routine (hello, Netflix) or do something totally new-to-you-two — the setting will make everything feel fresh.

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